Abandoned Places Near Me That Are Well Known Locations

Abandoned places near you are those types of areas or buildings which anyone no longer uses. There are many such places present all over the world that was in use before, but for some reason, they all are left untouched, and now they have become abandoned places nearby to us which you can easily locate them at easynearme’s locator.

The reason behind them is that many buildings and churches were left after some natural calamities like volcano eruption, earthquakes, and floods. Today the closest abandoned places are said to be the house of crimes, and also some say that there are a lot of negative energies present in such places.

Few of them are known as the most haunted places or ghost towns where hardly anyone goes now. On the other hand, a few of them are very beautiful and some of the derelict places in your area can also tell many stories about their history.

Nearest Abandoned Places In The World To Explore Around You

1. Holy land And Amusement Park In The USA

It is the creepiest abandoned place close by present in the USA. A very rich businessman made it. It is said that The Bible inspired this park. After the death of the owner in the year 1983, the ownership came into the hands of the government.

After a few times, this park became the place of crimes, and after a girl was murdered here, this park was demolished. Today, half of the portion of the park has turned into wilderness.

2. Agrasen Ki Baoli

This place’s architecture is one of the most beautiful and eye-pleasing. It is a type of well which was made during the time of Mahabharat by king Agrasen.

It is present in the capital of India, Delhi. It has been left for a long time, today some people prefer going, and some do not. It is said that there are many haunting sounds heard here, but some say there is nothing haunted at this place.

It depends on personal experience. In earlier times people used to come here to learn swimming and while swimming many were found dead. No one was able to know the reason behind the deaths. So with time, people stopped coming here.

3. Lawang Sewu In Indonesia

This place was constructed to be a railway headquarter built by the dutch. This place is ranked as the most haunted place currently present in the world. During World War 2, this place came under the control; of the Japanese army.

They did many tortures and violent acts in this place, and after that, they gave it to the Indonesian government as many unusual things were seen here, like headless people, girls wearing white clothes soaked in very unusual blood.

Even today, after so many attempts to make the building free from such things and make the image of this place good, they failed. Today no one goes to this place anymore.

Above are just a few abandoned places close to you and more you can browse from the Insider, there are many such places present all over the world, and in some, no humans enter anymore due to the crimes or because of the unusual happenings inside.

4. Bhangarh fort In India

In India, it is said that this place is one of the most haunted places in this country. Many people have seen many unusual things here, so people prefer not to go to this place, especially at night. It is situated in Rajasthan and was constructed by king Bhagwant Das during the 17th century for his son.

In books, it is written that one of the princess’ maids was buying oil and that oil had a special power that the person who applied this oil will fall in love with the maid Singhania. When the princess came to know about this, she threw that oil into a big stone, and because of the special power in that oil, the stones got pulled towards Singhia, and he got crushed with that.

Before dying in his last breath, the maid cursed the whole kingdom and villagers. Soon after a few years, the effects started. Everyone left that village and the kingdom. Today no one lives there as many people have seen abnormal activities in the very dangerous fort.

Whoever tries to enter that fort at night never comes back. Tourists are allowed to go, but before sunsets, everyone is recommended not to stay inside as anything can happen.


In closing, those are the 4 well-known abandoned locations that you can explore with your friends when you are planning to have an outdoor adventure, and please do so safely especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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