Which are the Best Electric Bikes for Women?

Electric bicycles are becoming more popular with the best electric bikes for women, and we’ve found a variety of models to suit different riding styles. Continue reading this as we explore more about electric bikes for women, the best models, and all their features and benefits. 

7 Best Electric Bikes for Women

1. Pace 500

The Pace 500 is a high-quality electric bike with a large battery. It features a comfortable plush seat, an adjustable seat post, 2.2-inch-wide tires, and a low step-through. It weighs only 55 pounds, which makes it easy to transport. Because of its high-quality construction, this bike is a good choice for long trips. It can cover 45 miles on a full battery charge.

2. Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro

The Thrive E+ EX is a flat-bar, women-specific E-bike with built-in rack systems. The SyncDrive Pro motor offers a natural E-bike feel, and Smart Assist Technology automatically adjusts support level based on pedaling input. In addition to smart support, the bike’s flat-bar design makes it comfortable to use for commuters and women of all ages.

3. Liv HYB 8.9E

The Boardman HYB 8.9E Women’s Electric Bike is a versatile option for both men and women. It features a comfortable flat handlebar and upright geometry, a long range of approximately 97km on a full charge, and an integrated e-assist motor from Fazua. This bike is available in both a men’s and women’s version and comes with a generous warranty and nationwide service centers.

4. Boardmand HYB 8.9E

If you enjoy riding your bike, you may want to consider purchasing an electric bicycle to make the experience even more enjoyable. A Boardman HYB 8.9E electric bike for women is a fast flat-bar hybrid style e-bike that utilizes a German-engineered Fazua Evation drive system to provide smooth electric assistance as you pedal. This bike is the perfect choice for women who want to have an electric bicycle but don’t want to sacrifice style.

5. Specialized Turbo Como SL

The Specialized Turbo Como SL electric bike is an electric bicycle for women that uses a streamlined yet powerful SL system developed for mountain and racing bikes. The SL system has several innovative features, including hydraulic disc brakes and 2.3-inch Nimbus tires that add grip, confidence, and comfort. This bike is great for commuting around town or on a long journey.

6. Orbea Optima E40

The Orbea Optima E40 is a lightweight electric bicycle with a step-through aluminum alloy frame and a Shimano Deore drivetrain. Its upright design and wide tires make riding around town a breeze. The Orbea Optima E40’s battery and motor weigh about eight pounds. If you are worried about battery range, you can add a range extender battery pack to increase the distance you can cover on a single charge.

7. Trek Dual Sport +

The new 2019 Trek Dual Sport+ e-bike for women has a new powertrain powered by Bosch Active Line Plus. It also boasts onboard lighting, two sets of bottle cage bosses, and a frame-integrated battery. The bike is available in five sizes, including a women-specific model.

In addition to its electric motor, the Trek Dual Sport+ has two integrated lights, including a headlight that emits 550 lumens. The rear light comprises 11 LED lights, and the Trek Dual Sport+ is built for comfort and safety.

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