5 Things to Consider Before a Knockdown Rebuild In 2021

When considering a knockdown rebuild, it can feel like more questions than answers are available. Thousands of people around the world are choosing to create their homes with a knockdown rebuild solution with their chosen builder rather than buying an existing property or a building in a new area.

If this is something you are thinking about doing, please consider the following key factors. Set off course down the road to a rebuild, by satisfying these 5 burning questions and considerations that many people in your situation are wondering about!

1.  Reputation and inclusions

There are times to score a great deal, and times to make decisions based on reputation, inclusions, and quality. It is best to look for a builder with a strong history of quality homebuilding. There are a lot of small businesses out there that come and go, but they can be risky as they might not have the cash flow to survive tough times such as during COVID-19.

Many larger builders will be able to provide good warranties and guarantees, such as a 25-year structural guarantee, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind in your new purpose-built home.

A builder who specialises in knockdown rebuilds might also be the best choice as they’ll be sure to demolish the existing home safely and will be able to take everything into consideration without further delays that might occur when using multiple providers.

2.  The importance of location

You may be weighing up a knockdown rebuild against simply buying and living in an existing home. This is a contentious solution as it typically means new homeowners have to move further out than they would like to buy a home or settle for a design that isn’t quite right for their needs.

A knockdown rebuild means you no longer need to sacrifice on location and can secure an average or undesirable home in the perfect location and start fresh with your build.

Better yet, you may already be living in the perfect street, near your favorite schools and with great neighbors or friends nearby, but you just don’t have space. If building upwards or extending the property is not possible, a complete knockdown rebuild might be for you. The only downside here is having to rent elsewhere or stay with family whilst your project is completed.

Established areas will typically have larger block sizes than new estates. This is one of the unfortunate pitfalls of new areas, the land size. If you live somewhere with a house that’s 20-40 years old, your block size should be perfect for a larger home, or at least a multi-story home. You might even be able to subdivide and sell one of the homes to help fund the project!

3.  Design and quality

The main resisting factor for individuals considering a knockdown rebuild is the design and quality assurance. There is a myriad of different builders out there, all with dozens or more different design options for you, so there is no question of whether or not you will find the right style for your unique taste. That means you can select and tailor your home design so that it meets the character of your suburb or street while appealing to your design preferences.

4.  Pool and landscape package

When you are going to knock down, rebuild and add another story or two, you may have room to add a swimming pool or other landscaping such as adding a patio or pergola to your new home. If possible, try and find a builder that can do all of this at once and bake it into the design. 

when your main consideration hurdle was the effort required of managing two to three contractors, you can have confidence that this will be a collective project rolled out by a single company. Your dedicated architect and builder will work to pull together a building schedule that speaks to the harmony of your home so that the entire design concept is delivered on time and within the overarching style guide.

5.  Process delivery

If you can find a builder who specializes in knockdown rebuilds as well as the landscaping and pools you will be able to enjoy the simplicity of one builder, one contract, and one timeframe.

For homeowners who are exploring a renovation, they are typically faced with dealing with several people all at once who are operating and competing for different time frames. This could be particularly frustrating if you are having to rent for the duration of the build, adding uncertainty to both yourselves and your landlord.


Embarking on the road to a knockdown rebuild is a journey that will allow you to be the creator of your dream home in your perfect location, with the added benefit of a seamless process from start to finish. Don’t sacrifice on location or inclusions and find the best expert in home building in your area today.

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