5 Best Car Key Programming Tools: How To Use [Indepth Guide 2021]

When a car is bought, normally there is a lot of thought put into the car’s tools and functionalities it offers. After that, one normally goes for a better auto repair garage just in case. As it turns out, buying a new car is something tricky for a normal person and buying tools for an automobile is an even more tricky business. These tools become very handy with time. Best car key programming tools are definitely the most useful tools owing to what they offer.

These Youramazingcar.com car key programming tools offer a wide range of functionality to their users. You just have to make sure the right programming tool is for the right car model. Also, make sure the car programming tool is updated. There are a lot of vendors selling car key remotes and programming tools and software in the market.

Likewise, Diplomacy Keys is one of them offering the best and most affordable car key programming tools available in the market today. These tools are the means of maximum utility and functionality. So, here are the best car key programming tools…

1. XTOOL X100 Pro2 Auto Key Programming Tool

This is arguably the best auto programming tool because it is highly affordable and provides a high value for its money. XTOOL X100 provides a very easy way of key programming, especially on North American and European automobiles.

It can also be applied to Asian vehicles but its compatibility is limited to them. Not only one can program new keys but also read keys from IMMO memory and supports remote programming as well.

XTOOL X100 Pro2 is also made capable of programming VIN and IMMO data and reading and adjusting mileage. It has been built ruggedly and anti-seismic and supports free updates. This tool also has some limitations like it is not supported for vehicles pre-1996 and post-2011. It also not works on Japanese vehicles.

2. V33 Key Programmer SBB

V33 Key Programmer is again one of the leading key programmers available today which can be accessed in 9 languages. It is a versatile automatic key programmer which is easily applied to vehicles of different car brands.

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It is a quality lightweight product that is made highly portable. V33 Key Programmer is no different from the latest ones as they are all multipurpose accessories for automobiles.

It has a lot of astonishing features like monitoring spark plugs, coolant liquids, and brake pads. V33 is also capable to manage the personal information of vehicles including the personal identification number.

Apart from all those functionalities, there are some limitations to it as well. V33 is a little expensive compared to its contemporaries. There are also some complaints about false warnings and glitches.

3. Carrfan CK-100 Car Key Programmer

Carrfan CK-100 is probably the most compatible and versatile car key programmer. It has the capacity of catering to the most American, Asian, and European carmakers. It can program new keys for over 50 car brands. CK-100 can also read the pin codes directly from the vehicle in most cases. Even if you have never programmed the keys before, you’ll find it extremely easy to use.

Some other prominent features of Carrfan CK-100 include ECU and IMMO programming. If you consider other DIY devices, it has more tools than those devices. By virtue of those tools, it can also read and adjust mileage data.

It can detect the chips in most keys in addition to the programming of smart keys, which can easily work with IMMO systems. You will also enjoy the free online updates for a long time. The only room for improvement is the given instructions which are not clear.

4. XTOOL X100 PAD Professional Programmer

The main cool thing about this car key programmer is its interface which makes the programming so easy according to the Autoankauf Düsseldorf. The XTOOL X100 supports more than 55 vehicles and manufacturers for key programming. You just have to start the process, the new programmed keys will be on your way in no time.

You can also program your immobilizer information, VIN, and mileage info. XTOOL X100 also allows you to program the ECU so it is also useful for professional garages.

There is also leverage of many reset functions like EPB calibration, Oil Reset, Throttle Body adaptation, PDF regeneration, Battery reset, and TPMS light reset. There are some drawbacks to it as well.

It is difficult to identify the compatibility of different vehicles using this car programmer. It doesn’t support all model years of some vehicles. Some features are limited to selected vehicles. The good thing is you can enjoy free lifetime updates through the web.

5. Autel IM508 All System Scanner with Key Programming

The IM508 is a cheaper and more advanced formulation of IM608 with added features. The Autel IM508 has XP 200 Key Programmer included giving you access to advanced key and IMMO functions.

They both work as a unit to give you the best results. It can do way more than just make keys. You can enjoy a wide range of its services like resetting the oil and battery lights for instance. It offers compatibility with more than 80 manufacturers.

Autel IM508 gives you a perfect blend of performance and value. You can reset the IMMO data and perform other maintenance tasks easily on it. Autel is famous for giving durability and high-tech products to its consumers and IM508 has it all.

The only drawback of IM508 is that you can’t program the ECU. There are some compatibility issues as well but that is justifiable. Overall, Autel IM508 is a perfect choice for advanced home mechanics and professionals.

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