5 Hong Kong Fashion Brands That You Don’t Know In 2021

Hong Kong Fashion brand trends have seen a huge shift over the past few years. That’s probably because of an increased number of fashion labels joining the industry with their innovative ideas and unique collections that make you feel like buying everything that is out there.

You’d see a wide range of fashion styles that are as per the latest trends and that and that would easily fit your budget.

Here are the top 5 rising fashion labels from the Blues And Bullets that you definitely need to check it out when visiting Hong Kong.

1. Emma Wallace

If you are looking for the best and the highest rated local HK brand, then you should go to Emma Wallace boutique. This boutique has the biggest collection of quality formal as well as informal clothes for women. All their designs are unique and offer a sense of style that is hard to find in any other local Hong Kong Brands.

One latest addition to their collection is the latest Pastel Power Dressing. As the name suggests, it is kind of like a power suit from women that gives off a strong and authoritative vibe while maintaining the softness of the fabric that you are wearing. Check out this new collection and a lot more at Emma Wallace Boutique in Hong Kong.    

2. Aanya

Aanya is a local HK brand that aspires to bring quality and trend with every design that they launch. Although it has its origins in Hong Kong, this Local HK Brand collaborates with fashion communities all over the world to craft designs that show unique blend of the diverse cultures that you see out there. Aside from clothes collection, you’d also find a wide range of basic fashion accessories here at Aanya.

3. Zaire Pants

If you are looking for the best local HK brand for pants and leggings then Zaire Pants is the place to go. These pants are made from quality fabrics that are imported straight from Italy. This fabric is made with quality fiber and also includes hints of aloe vera and Vitamin E.

This brand is all about making sure that you feel relaxed when you wear their pants. Even their leggings that are highly fit, don’t put much strain on your body. These pants and leggings would keep your skin fresh and would promote the circulation of blood in your body. You can get pants for the office, work, for bedtime, and even yoga pants. When you visit this platform, you’d see it has a lot more to offer than an average pants brand.     

4. Melissa Bui Atelier

This brand is currently running eight collections, each having its own sense of elegance and uniqueness. From basic plane but fresh cuts to heavy embroidery, this brand has everything that you’d need for your clothes collection.

All their collections are all about inspiring a sense of confidence while maintaining the native delicacy of the fabric. You can get funky prints as well as classy embroidery dresses from this brand. The fabric that is used to these pieces of art is imported from Europe. If you are looking for clothes that have clean cuts and fresh colors, then we recommend visiting Melissa Bui Atelier     

5. Sarah Lai

At Sarah Lai, you’d see a collection that is a unique blend of modern quality fabric combined with all-time classic designs that are enhanced a little bit to give them a modern touch. You’ll find the evergreen colors and designs enhanced to meet the trends of the new world.

Aside from the dresses, you’ll also find Jackets, T-Shirts and Skirts as well. In short, you’ll find all sorts of formal as well as informal clothes at Sarah Lai. Visit Sarah Lai for the most trending collection of clothes that no other local brand in HK can offer.

Wrapping Up:

This tending wave of new generation of fashion designers is expected to see an exponential growth with time. We’d be seeing a huge increase in number of designers in the market and they are going to be many new exciting fashion trends for you to follow. As for now, visit these fashion labels and update your wardrobe with the latest and trending clothing designs.

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