How to Ship Cargos From Chicago to Canada?

Do you know how to ship cargos from Chicago to Canada? Because you have to ship your goods from Chicago to another part of the world, the question of how to ship cargoes from Chicago to Canada is quite common.

To make the shipping process more manageable, you can look at this article. You’ll find helpful information on the documentation requirements, Tariff codes, and Shipping options. Moreover, this article will give you a general idea of the costs associated with each shipping method.

How to Ship Cargos From Chicago to Canada?

Tariff codes

Suppose you are shipping cargo from Chicago to Canada. In that case, you must first determine what tariff code to use for that specific type of cargo. There are several ways to find a code for a given variety of merchandise:

  1. You can use the Census Bureau’s free online Schedule B search tool. This tool is one of the most common ways of classifying a product.
  2. The site has some helpful resources and contact information.
  3. You can use the Customs Rulings Online Search System to find your shipment’s correct Schedule B code.

These databases contain official, binding rulings from other importers and exporters that you can use to find the code you need.


Getting the correct documents for your Chicago-to-Canada shipments can help ensure a safe and hassle-free shipment especially when handled by the top trucking companies in Chicago, Il. The Bill of Lading is an important document that lists the goods in your shipment and acts as an itinerary.

It includes details such as the address for pickup, the weight and size of the goods, and the names and contact information of the shipper, driver, and consignee. There are three parts to the Bill of Lading: the one for the shipper, the one for the driver, and the one for the consignee at the end of delivery.

The commercial invoice must detail the goods’ value and country of origin. A customs broker can help you with this process by submitting the necessary release information to CBSA. They will then help you set up your shipments with the CBSA.

They will also need information such as the port of entry and the estimated arrival date. Make sure to include contact information in the fax for the broker. The shipping company and consignee must also sign and certify the PARS sticker.

Shipping options

There are several shipping options for products from Chicago to Canada. The cost of shipping an entire truckload of goods to Canada varies based on several factors, including the freight’s weight, distance and location, and the time it takes to deliver the shipment.

Different types of transportation are also available, including dry van and refrigerated truck shipping. The type of shipping service you choose will also depend on the specific needs of your shipment.

USPS offers flat rates for shipping a two-kilogram package to Canada for December 2019. Other carriers use calculators to determine costs based on package weight. The USPS provides the lowest prices and has a good track record of making deliveries. However, it is a good idea to research all shipping options before placing an order. To get the most accurate quotes, use a Calculates quote calculator.


Shipping cargo from Chicago to Canada is easy when you know what to expect. Different shipping companies offer a variety of options. Most offer full, less-than-truckload, expedited, dry van, and heated-truck shipping.

The rate will depend on the type of cargo and its dimensions, and shipping options vary considerably depending on the type of cargo and its destination. There are also several concerns you should consider before deciding on the shipping method.

Customs brokers can help you determine the proper classification of goods for shipment. They will also submit your release information to the CBSA, which processes it before your goods arrive. This expedites the process for carriers and allows them to get your interests quicker. The system is similar to the one used in the U.S. and is called the Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS).

Time frame

You can choose from various shipping options when shipping products from Chicago to Toronto. Depending on the cargo you are shipping, the mode of transport, and the pickup/drop-off locations, you can choose between full truckload and less than truckload service. Once you have decided on a mode, you can select a shipping service to get your products to their destination within the specified timeframe.

Different shipping companies offer additional services and rates. Some of these services provide day-definite shipping, which means your items will arrive within two to seven days. If you are shipping valuable items, you may consider getting your cargo’s shipping insurance.

Final Words

It may cost more than a standard shipping service, but you can rest assured that your goods will arrive safely. Sometimes, additional shipping charges are inevitable, but you can always ask a shipping company for a quote before signing a contract.

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