How to Write the Best Introduction for an Essay in the IELTS Exam?

How to Write the Best Introduction for an Essay Overview: Imagine that you have been invited to a wedding ceremony where you hardly know anyone. You have entered through a sleek door, grab a glass of drink, and stand in a corner feeling like an alien with a huge head. Nobody seems to pay attention to you. After that, you are getting a feeling of being left out.

Okay, this whole scenario isn’t so much fun right. 

Here is another situation, where you visit the same wedding. However, this time you get a host who offers you a glass of drink and then guides you to the room full of guests. Further, introduce yourself to them and you all laugh and enjoy the entire wedding ceremony.

Doesn’t it sound fun and way more impressive than the first scenario? The wide difference lies in the introduction. In the first scenario, you didn’t feel invited. Whereas in the other one your host helps you make a soulful connection to the entire ceremony. Similarly, when you are reading a fresh blog, the experience is quite similar to the above-mentioned situations.  

If the essay is not equipped with a great introduction then you will surely not read it or you may feel unwelcomed. This is high because the headline has promised you something else but the starting or the introduction of the essay didn’t match up.  So, if you are preparing for the IELTS exam then creating the best introduction should be on your top list. For more information about how you can create an impressive introduction, start attending IELTS online classes.

 Few Tips on How you Can Craft an Impressive Introduction: 

Read this blog thoroughly so that you would come to know how you can craft a soulful introduction for writing an essay in the IELTS exam. 

Let the reader feel invited

The appropriate way to craft an introduction is by keeping the point of view of the reader in mind. Always remember that you are not creating a certain essay for yourself. It is wholly solely for your readers. If your reader will feel unwelcome in your essay then it truly signifies that your introduction is not up to the mark. On the other hand, if your reader can easily establish a connection with your blog and your introduction provokes them to read it more then your introduction has all the elements. 

Always remember to clear the IELTS writing section you need to keep this thing in mind. Most of the students usually lose their marks because they write a general introduction at the beginning of the essay. Which is not at all up to the mark. Don’t consider that this thing can only help in clearing the IELTS exam. You can easily keep it with you as it can help your way more than this. If you look for clearing the PTE exam then also crafting a creative introduction can easily help you. You can also join PTE online classes for better guidance. 

State the fact 

You can also commence your introduction by stating a fact. Usually, the proven facts also have a great ability to grab the attention of the readers. In one survey it is observed that most of the readers usually centered their focus on numerics. That becomes one of the main reasons why you should add numbers and percentages in your introduction. However, we would highly advise you to give credit to the particular fact.  

If you haven’t surveyed or researched about that then you can add a few phrases like according to the survey conducted, with reference to the research and more. This will give the idea to the reader that you are just starting it but not copying it from the other source. Follow all these things so that you can easily crack the IELTS writing section without any hassle. For true guidance, you can enroll in the best  IELTS online classes.

Be personal

Create a personal contact with your reader. Address your reader like a friend as this can help them feel like they are reading their own story. You can easily relate your blog to the real-life problems of the reader. This will help them to understand the whole essay in a better way. Remember that you are writing the same essay for a sixteen-year-old boy and a sixty-five-year-old man. 

Keep the perspective of both in mind as this can surely become a major tool that can help you craft the best blog. You can use some familiar statements such as we can change this world, I truly think that it should be done in such a manner, According to me and more. You can also add a mysterious factor to your essay as this can easily create great excitement in the mind of the reader. For great performance in the PTE exam, you can also join the best PTE online classes.

Summing up

There is no denying the fact that the introduction is one of the most vital parts of any type of essay in the IELTS exam. It’s an astonishing chance to connect with a wide variety of readers and further encourage them to read the full essay in a proper manner. 

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