5 Difference Of Modular Boiler Vs Traditional Boiler

Modular Boilers are a much better solution to your steam needs as compared with conventional single unit boilers. These boilers have less production and maintenance cost and overall, are a better choice for your industrial requirements. So today blues and bullets reviewed the 5 differences on Modular Boiler Vs Traditional Boiler System.

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge number of industries shifting towards modular boilers because they have many benefits that you just don’t get with traditional boilers.

Here are the top five differences researched by the BluesAndBullets team about Modular Boilers vs traditional boiler technologies      

1. Take Less Space

Modular Boilers have smaller footprints as compared with the legacy firetube boilers. These boilers take less space which is great for industries, space-wise. Especially when you are setting up a new unit and the place is just too expensive, modular boiler would take up less space and can potentially save you a lot of space cost for setting up your industry. Traditional Boiler designs are not solace efficient which affects the production cost and if because of some reason, you have to move your operation, the traditional boiler would be much harder to manage.          

2. Less Construction Expenses

Modular Boiler Designs are compact and flexible. The developers of these boilers divide the full unit into smaller pieces that are needed for the functioning of your industry. You only get the parts that you need depending on your steam and power requirement. This saves up a lot of construction expenses. Being smaller in size, they already cost way less than traditional designs. Also, you can set up new modular units as your business grows, depending on your production needs.     

3. Less Energy Consumption

Modular Boilers are on-demand steam plants that work as per your requirements. You can set up the plant in a way that each unit runs when you need it. So, instead of giving power to a single massive unit, you use your fuel and other resources in components that are working. This saves a lot of your energy expenses. A research shows that with modular boilers, you can save up energy as much as about 20 percent.   

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4. Keep the system functional during maintenance

One of the most exciting benefits of modular boilers is, you don’t have to stop production when a modular boiler needs service or repairs. Just shut down the boiler that requires service and the other modular boiler units would still be functional. Modular Boilers back each other up in such scenarios which is a great advantage for industries. So, unlike with traditional boilers, you won’t have to shut down your entire plant with modular boilers.    

5. Low Maintenance Cost

Production as well as the maintenance of modular boilers is cost effective. You won’t have to spend a huge amount of money with repairs. Low maintenance cost associated with Modular Boilers makes them an ideal choice for industries for their steam generation needs.

Modular Boiler maintenance is time effective as well. It would hardly take a few hours for the routine maintenance of a Modular boiler.  

6. Better Efficiency

Modular Boilers are made with state-of-the-art components. These boilers offer much better efficiency as compared with the traditional boilers. Modular Boilers are efficient in terms of time and performance.  Instead of using a single massive boiler for a relatively smaller production requirement, you can use a modular boiler to take care of that.

The benefit with modular boilers is, you get focused performance is per your production requirements. You don’t have to set up and maintain a massive boiler plant. You can use a modular boiler to take care of production needs that don’t require much power.

Final Words:       

Modular Boiler are much more efficient and cost + time effective. They can skyrocket your manufacturer process and can save you a lot of time and other overheads. We highly recommend that you use modular boiler designs for your next production setup. All the latest businesses are doing it, it is about time you start thinking about it as well. Deploy modular boilers to your production sites and optimize your production environment.     

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