5 Fundamental Steps Before Initiating Your Multi Service Business With Gojek Clone


Gojek Clone App offers 70+ On-Demand Services online through one single dynamic platform! Taxi Booking, Cabs and Moto Ride-on Rent, Mobile Car Wash, Food and Grocery Delivery, Transport and Logistics, Courier your stuff and send parcels to single or multiple destinations, schedule an appointment with a Doctor, Academic Tutor, Masseuse and even Barbers. Not to forget the handymen category of the Services – Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Maids, Security Guards and even Dog Walkers! With one single login, Users have direct access to all of these distinct yet unique Services.


He hails from the remote village of Ulu Geroh on the outskirts of the city Ipoh in Malaysia. And it is here in his hometown that you’ll find the World’s Largest Flower Rafflesia! After finalizing the Divorce from her second Wife, he leaves the town and settles down in Kuala Lumpur. He is a Baker by profession and used to help his family run Heritage Bakery Café earlier but he always knew that this wasn’t his passion.


Here is a list of a few pointers to keep in mind!

  • BuyGojekApp is a Highly-Reputed White-Labelling Firm in the On-Demand Service Industry worldwide which has launched 1200 + Fully-Functional Market Tested Mature Apps in the last couple of years.

So rest assured, you have placed your Trust and Faith in an Authentic and Truly Credible Company. You don’t have to ever worry about the Technical Facet of your On Demand Multi-Service App, BuyGojekApp has got your back! They’ll take care of every inch of every Iota of the Technical Aspects of your App. They are the Industry Stalwarts in the Clone App Development Sphere!

  • Right after buying the Product, Abdul Hakim should start networking and building bonds with Taxi Drivers and their Unions.

What would definitely grab their attention is that you’d be offering three modes of Payment to Users to choose any one from according to their convenience. All the Payment Options will be kept active and Taxi Drivers will receive their payments faster and quicker! They also get to keep the Tip amount.

Educate them about your business model and how it will be profitable for them as well, especially if they agree to do Food, Grocery, and Parcel Delivery in their spare time. Tell them about your company and how it all started. Your motive here is simple, get them on board and start rendering Taxi Cab Services online through your Gojek like App.


Talk to the Customers or Potential App Users about what challenges they face in day to day lives while hailing Taxis or ordering Food, Grocery and Medicines online. Seek their advice or if they have any suggestions to give. Incorporate them all in your App and see the roaring success of the App unfold before your eyes!

Thorough and In-Depth Research is what is needed here. The App Owner should study the market Trends to shortlist the list of areas where Demand for a specific Service is the highest and how customers are slowly adjusting to the life Post-Pandemic.

All of this will help Adbul Hakim to design his Marketing Strategies accordingly and start making easy and quick money in an ethical way! And soon realise his dream of joining the Elite Club of Forbes World’s Billionaires’ List of 2022!

This is why Real-Time Tracking Feature has been recently introduced in the App that allows Customers to live-track the current status of the Taxi Cab on Google Maps or keeps a close eye on any of the Service Providers.

This has induced utmost Transparency in the App about the live geographical status of the Service Provider and notified Users Through In-App Push Notifications.

  • Now that you have the On Demand Multi Service App and have already done ground-work to gather as much information as possible relevant to your business venture, launch the App and Go Live only after you have hired a team of Marketing Professionals who’d do branding for you and create a digital presence of you and your brand. Then, form a small team of Professionals who’d handle Admin Panel to undertake Service Provider Verifications and manage Users and Service Providers database accurately.


Abdul Hakim already has on an average 20,000 Rides a day! Although the true credit of this Phenomenal Success goes to the App Owner of Gojek Clone for creating a strong network of a closely-knit community of the Service Providers and the Users by giving them one single platform to interact with each other. Do you also aspire to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to become a millionaire in the shortest time possible? Then Contact BuyGojekApp right away and go live with your own Gojek like App in a record 7 days!

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