Give an Omega Seamaster Watch to Your Loved One Today

There are plenty of reasons why we give gifts on days other than the Christmas omega seamaster watch. It may be that loved one’s birthday. Or perhaps we feel like rewarding the recipient for a milestone in their life? Giving gifts doesn’t happen every day; therefore, you always have to ensure that the gift is something people will cherish. 

One of the best possible gifts is a watch because the recipient can wear it every day. This kind of gift can boost confidence. An Omega Seamaster is a timepiece that your loved ones will surely appreciate. It is also a functional gift that may always remind the wearer of you. 

Important Events in the Making of the Omega Seamaster Watch

If you look closely, the Omega Seamaster reveals a more complex history. It was launched in 1948 as part of Omega’s 100th-anniversary celebrations. The watches were then water-resistant to 60 meters underwater. Since then, the Omega Seamaster has been a very influential diving timepiece and the oldest watch among the Omega collection.

Before the release of the Seamaster, Omega was already building its reputation for desirable diver’s watches. Omega was the choice of many great athletes. When the Omega released Seamaster in 1948, it did not take long to become Omega’s top hits.

In 1956, Omega engineers proved Seamaster’s unique durability by strapping one to the exterior of an aircraft while flying over the North Pole. In 1957, the omega seamaster watch released a trio watch- the Speedmaster, the Railmaster, and the Seamaster 300. The Seamaster 300 became famous for its underwater use.

Famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and his team of divers wore an omega seamaster watch 300 in their 1963 Conshelf II dive in the Red Sea. Interestingly, they got to dive to depths of almost 200 meters.

It Is More Than Just a Moonwatch

Apart from being known as the “Moonwatch,” the omega Seamaster watch will always be referred to as the James Bond watch. The first Seamaster watch appeared in Goldeneye in 1995. From then on, every James Bond film has a Seamaster watch. 

Other than 007, other great celebrities have been seen wearing Seamaster. Some of these are George Clooney, Daniel Craig, and Michael Phelps.

With so many luxurious models to choose from among the Seamaster series, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular arrays of Omega products.

Why the Omega Seamaster Is a Great Choice for a Gift

The omega Seamaster watch is the most famous series from the Omega family. No one can question the brand’s durability and great quality. It’s a dependable gift not only for its practical use but for its price development. From 2016 to 2018, there’s an approximately 15% increase in the value of the Omega Seamaster. Hence, this timepiece collection appreciates in time. Compared to other luxury watches out there, Omega Seamaster’s price is still affordable though.

Through the years, demand for the Omega Seamaster watch is still growing. There’s always an increase in sales whenever there is a new model of the Omega Seamaster. People trust the brand because of its great workmanship, durability, and style. It’s an all-time favorite because you can wear this timepiece for all life events and situations. 

Omega Seamaster’s relatively low price and level of sophistication make it truly an exceptional timepiece. When you’re choosing a gift, you have a wide range of Seamaster variations to consider, from modern to retro styles. That is why if you give Omega Seamaster as a gift for your loved ones, you can never go wrong.

Best Omega Seamaster Gifts

There are many Seamaster watches to choose from, such as these:

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

Inspired by tradition and modernization, Aqua Terra can get as deep as 150 meters underwater. It’s a solid diving watch that caught the attention of many because of its Co-Axial caliber 8508 and because it’s one of the sturdiest watches worldwide. Additionally, it can pass as one of the most beautiful designs of the Seamaster collection.

Omega Seamaster 300 Professional Diver

The world adores the 300 Professional Diver of Seamaster due to its sporty look. It’s available in different versions such as three-hand or chronograph.

Omega Seamaster Ploprof 

The Ploprof is a solid diving watch that is water-resistant up to 1200 meters. It’s a fashionable timepiece perfect for diving or even for a classic occasion. 

No matter what Seamaster watch you choose, you are guaranteed that it has improved water resistance.  


The Omega Seamaster watch has been one of the most popular diving watches for years. Its design ranges from modern to retro, and there are even vintage models. It is more than just a “Moonwatch” or a James Bond watch. It also prides itself on quality, durability, and elegance. Seamaster has iconic watches with state-of-the-art designs. 

Up to date, the Omega Seamaster watch is still the choice of many divers for their underwater adventures. It only goes to show that the brand stays true to its quality, making it a perfect gift for your loved ones. Giving this as a gift leaves a long-lasting appreciation to the lucky receiver. 

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