Blues and Bullets Review: Everything You Don’t Know

Looking for the best episodic adventure game that is based on an alternate history genre? You should check out the latest blues and bullets review episodic series. This game features the adventures of Ex-Untouchable Squad Member Eliot Ness where he is forced to face the demons from his past.

Eliot Ness, former leader of the legendary Untouchables, only wished to spend the rest of his life working in his diner and not thinking much of the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into.

Of course things rarely go as planned.


Eliot Ness, former leader of the legendary Untouchables, only wished to spend the rest of his life working in his diner and not thinking much of the cesspit of corruption his city, Santa Esperanza, had degenerated into. 

Of course, things rarely go as planned. 

When one day children start to disappear and the police just turns a blind eye to this, Eliot decides to take justice into his own hands and find, by any means necessary, the culprit and bring him to justice.

Even if it means burning his peaceful life to the ground and getting involved in gunfights with assassins and thugs alike. 

Aided by some unexpected characters, the player will control Eliot through the increasingly morbid and decadent scenarios to find the clues needed to solve the cases in the 5 episodes that this season of Blues and Bullets brings. 

This game is based on alternate history genre and follows the post-retirement life of the legendary Special Agent Eliot Ness who helped bring Down Al Capone, one of the most notorious criminals of their time.

Put on your detective hat and get ready to solve cases filled with thrill and mystery as you play the role of Eliot Ness. Your job would be to bring down your ruthless mobsters and killers with the help of clues that you find the gameplay along the way.

Blues and Bullets is a one of a kind, black & white crime thriller game that gives you close to real feel of solving a case. Let’s take a brief look at the Gameplay for Blues and Bullets 

Blues and Bullets Gameplay Overview:

Blues and Bullet’s first video game installment came out in 2015 and ever since then, this game has been a sensation among detective adventures games enthusiasts.

Blues and Bullet is based in the city called Santa Esperanza which is filled with criminal gangs and lawlessness. The year is 1955 and you have to play the game is detective Eliot Ness.

Episode one features the appearance of Special Agent Ness who after retirement, runs a burger bar named Blues and Bullets. He is trying his best to put everything behind and not think about the past events that has been haunting him since forever. But little does he know, his greatest nemesis the Al Capone who Eliot Ness helped bring down is back on the streets again and is coming to get him.

There is a series of murders and disappearances all tracing back to Al Capone who is trying to bring Eliot out of the shadows.

Eliot doesn’t have any choice now, but to face what is coming. And so, the story begins

You’ll be forces to follow the tracks left by the crimes to find the infamous gang lord who is responsible for all of this. Get ready for a gory adventure with graphic kill sequences and monochrome gunfight scenes that will keep you awake for days.    

Graphics and Audio:

Simply just go to down the menu screen and select options from there. You’d see graphics settings there. Choose the one that works best for you.

The interesting thing about graphics is, you only have 3 primary colors for this game that cover the entire gameplay. Black, white and red for the blood and stuff. The game features interactive animations that give you a close to really feel.

As for the audio, you’d be listening to classic Jazz music that sits well with the mood of the game. This is combined with Saxophone, piano, trumpet and other similar instruments that go with the given scenes. From the gameplay that we have seen for far, we haven’t found even a single inconsistency for the audio and video of the game.

The audio has been specially made by keeping in mind the tone and body language of the characters under different circumstances in the game.           

How many Episodes are there in Blues and Bullets?

When the game was originally released, it was announced to have 5 different episodes. Each episode was supposed to be released after a few months of the previous one.

Episode one came out in July 2015, episode 2 was released in March 2016 and for episodes 3 to 5, there is still no release date. This has caused massive frustration among fans, but we are in 2020 and there is still no news about the upcoming episodes.         

There have been rumors for episode 3 to be released soon but these are just rumors. There is no official news as of yet. Still, we hope that it comes out soon because fans are getting tired of the wait. 

How long is Episode one of Blues and Bullets?

 Blues and Bullets episode, one is named The End of Peace. This episode is the one where you begin your journey as Eliot Ness and step into the world of Violent crimes to defeat the crime lord Al Capone.

This episode is quite extensive considering the length of the gameplay and the problems that you have to deal with. There is no specific timeline for the length of the gameplay. I guess it would depend on how fast you can learn about the twists in the gameplay.       


The visual aesthetics of the game and its unique approach to the cinematic narrative are two of the key points that will lead the player to a different and unique experience.

Immerse yourself in this black and white adventure with splashes of red that will make the unfolding of the story a delight to your senses.

Vibrant Game Mechanics

The player will investigate crime scenes, coming up with his own deductions after collecting and analyzing different clues found by exploring the different scenarios.

Advancing through the plot, some powerful characters will not like the player’s progress, resulting in intense shootouts between the hardened detective and mysterious enemies that will challenge the player’s skills.

Story and Decisions

The player will interact with dozens of characters of Santa Esperanza while he keeps progressing on the investigation. Every decision he makes will change his perspective on the case and his relationship with the other characters.

Witty banter, old school threats, disenchantment with society and love and death walk hand in hand in this dark story where the hope rests solely on your shoulders.

Where is Blues and Bullets Episode 3 and 4?

It’s been a while since the first 2 episodes of Blues and Bullets came out. There is no news about the next episodes that were promised by the studio to the fans. It is disappointing because the gameplay really was impressive.

The rumor has it that the studio just couldn’t make enough money of the first 2 episodes, so they didn’t consider investing more in it. The developers, A Crowd of Monsters are still saying that they are just on a hiatus. The game is not cancelled yet which is a ray of hope for the true fans.

The bottom line is, there is now news as to when the next episodes for this game would be released. 

Final Words:

Blues and Bullets is one of a kind Crime Thriller game that hooks you up from the very beginning. If you are thinking about starting a new game to play, you should check out the reviews for Blues and Bullets from Wikipedia. It is available for X Box One as well as PS4. It is a fun game filled with limitless mystery and thrill.

Make sure to check Blues and Bullets out if you want a fun game to kill your free time.    

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