6 Things That You Need to Do Before Your Roof Removal Arrives

Roof removal is one of the toughest and most exciting endeavors that requires you to be quick on your feet at all times. The professional roofers will take care of most part of this job, but there still are some things that you need to take care of before the roof removers arrive at your doorstep.

Roofing service roofing leads will help you prepare for your roof replacement and you will get all the assistance that you need on each and every step along the way.

Following are some of the things you can do to make your roof removal stress-free and smooth

1. Removing Your Vehicle

If you park your vehicle outside your house, we suggest you find someplace else to do it until the job is done. Relocating your vehicle has two advantages. First, it makes it easier for the workers to do their job since they can keep their heavy tools and the roof debris at this place.

Second, this will also save your vehicle from getting damaged or dirty while the roofers are up there doing their work.

2. Clearing Out the Yard

Make sure to clean out your yard thoroughly before the roof service arrives. Relocate any patio furniture, dog house, and other such stuff that you have put there. This will also help the roofing service to start the job immediately and with zero risks to your expensive stuff.

You can rent storage for this important stuff or if you cannot afford it, then you can keep all this stuff in one corner of the yard under protective sheets.

3. Remove The Antenna and Satellite Dish

Never forget to remove the antennas or satellite dish before the replacement of the roof. Once the roofing service is in your house, they will immediately start tearing and hauling the roof, and if your antenna is still up there somewhere, chances are it will get hit and destroyed. So, call your TV or satellite service provider and have your antenna removed so that the roof service can do their job without wasting any of your time.

4. Protect the Glass Windows

Though professional roof services know how to remove and replace your roof in the safest way possible, you still need to do as much as you can to ensure your house stays protected.

This involves covering any windows that you have with wooden boards. Windows are expensive and you don’t want them to get ruined during the roof removal. That is why we suggest you take the necessary measures to avoid such incidents.

5. Hire Help for Kids and Pets

Kids and pets tend to get overexcited during roof replacement and if you don’t watch out for them, there is a chance that they might get hurt. Paying attention to both the roof removal people and your kids and pets simultaneously is going to be pretty hard and that is why you need all the help you can get to make things a bit easier.

Hiring a baby or pet sitter will help you focus on roof removal better. You can also send your kids away to their friends or your family until the job is completed.

6. Remove Expensive Paintings and Other wall Decorations

Roof removal involves the use of heavy machinery which tends to produce intense vibrations inside the house. In this situation, there is the possibility of your paintings and other wall furniture falling off.

This can break these things and you will incur a huge financial loss. So, we suggest you remove every single decorative item hanging from your house walls before the roof removers arrive at your house and start working.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know how to get your house ready for roof removal and replacement. Doing these simple things will make this whole process way easier for both you and the roofing company.

Many people choose to ignore these things and end up creating a lot of issues for themselves when the time comes. Thus, we advise you to not follow in their footsteps and pay attention to what we have disused above.

We assure you that if you approach the roof removal in the above-mentioned way, you will find this whole phase to be over without any hiccups or potential risks.

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