To Avoid Gaming Fraud, Get To Know Your Player

Avoid Gaming Fraud: Adults and children alike have turned away from outside physical activities in favour of internet gaming and gambling scams. Every year, a large portion of the public is driven to e-gaming and online casinos because of the appealing features and stimulations. Every operator desires a large, focused audience, but this is more of a burden. Know Your Player is an online identity verification solution that reduces the gaming industry’s load by screening out real and qualified players with the help of global SaaS IDV providers.

Customer due diligence in gaming is becoming more difficult and necessary owing to the increasing usage of methods and tactics by minors and ID thieves. Know your player with a full-proof validation tool that detects shady aspects in a player’s profile fast and correctly, with global coverage of people from diverse countries and self-learning AI-driven programmes.

Online Gaming Solutions Verification of age and identity

Suits brought against a worldwide gaming or gambling platform motivate operators to use effective digital screening technologies to combat fraudsters who use the platform for illegal purposes, as well as innocent minors who are unaware of the consequences of their actions.

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  • The user takes images of their identity papers and uploads them to the screening solution’s interface for automatic online game screening.
  • The (Optical Character Recognition) OCR screening engine evaluates the papers throughout the know your player operation, chooses the textual material, and places it in a standard condition. The worldwide solution converts the identity document’s language to the language of the e-casino or gaming platform in question.
  • The know your player technique’s ultimate findings are available in a couple of seconds and are backed up by a worldwide data architecture.

Examine your age.

As previously indicated, both children and seasoned and professional fraudsters seek to get access to restricted online games or casinos on a regular basis. Due to a lack of extensive consumer due diligence, many minors have succeeded in gaming. Know Your Player, in conjunction with expanded screening services, protects vulnerable teenagers from acquiring access too soon.

The face biometric identification provided by the Identity Verification system has a wide range of applications, but the most common are online gaming and gambling platforms. Businesses that are socially conscious may be able to outperform their competitors by implementing the Know Your Player solution.

During the identification verification procedure, players must also offer a recent selfie for face recognition. It certifies the validity and eligibility of clients by comparing the facial dynamics of the live selfie to the image on the initially presented document.

Know Your Player examines the screened consumer’s face depth. The veracity of the data is also ensured by the expression surveillance provided by an AI-driven solution. There are tools that can use AI mapping to simulate a real person’s facial traits, however, there is a counter-technology for every digital instrument. Deep learning-based digital validation enhances the system’s performance standard at breakneck speed.

AML Gaming

Without a standard, the number of people sponsoring illegal enterprises through online gaming and gambling sites is skyrocketing (Know Your Player). To mask their illegal schemes’ finance sources, fraudsters may create phoney accounts on e-games or casinos, which might lead to casino al. The money that is successfully cleaned is used for a range of illicit activities, including drug trafficking and other unlawful operations if a deliberate approach to getting to know your player is not taken.

Features of IDV Solutions Around the World in the Gaming Industry


After each examination, the intelligence model network of Know Your Player’s solution is constructed on a machine-learning algorithm that can more efficiently identify phoney features in Id documents and photographs.


The Know Your Player solution may automatically authenticate ID and age in the gaming operator’s system without any further deployment.

Data Security

IDV solution suppliers adhere to all GDPR standards and policies, guaranteeing that players’ personal information is kept safe.

Wrapping up

Kyc aml guidelines conduct AI-driven scans on each participant to reduce the risk of financial exploitation and minor abuse. By combining frictionless operations and worldwide coverage with digital ID verification, gambling and gaming businesses may expand the number of players onboarded while preserving regulatory compliance. Using methodical strategies to get to know your player is the best strategy to expand without danger.

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