3 Ways to Deal With Isolation In Your Home [Ultimate Guide 2021]

Staying home is something we have all had to get used to lately. The COVID 19 crisis has basically meant most of the world has had to stay at home a lot more than usual. So, today we have discussed the top 3 ways with Isolation on your in 2021.

While many people have struggled in isolation, there are some healthy things you can do to help you enjoy your time at home. Keeping your mind and body healthy is important in these challenging times. 

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help create an environment in your home that promotes a healthy body and mind.

1. Get A Garden Pond

A pond can create a place of solitude and calm in your backyard or front yard. Garden ponds can give your home that classic touch of elegance and sophistication. Especially if you have a few koi in there. 

What do I need to Know About a Garden Pond?

A Pond can require a bit of maintenance. They have to be kept clean and be maintained. If you lack time, consider installing a pond with a pond filter and pump. This will keep your pond clean and the water circulating so it doesn’t become stagnant. 

A clean pond will limit bacteria and mosquitoes breeding in them.

Your Unique Home

A pond can help make your home unique and memorable. This is important if you are looking to sell your home, but also if you wish to create a sanctuary in your home.

2. Get Chickens

You may not have considered getting chickens. Chickens have many benefits during these times.

Firstly, they are a source of food. With supply coming under pressure in many regions, it is important to have your own source of food. Eggs are not only versatile, they are also very good nutrition for you.

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Secondly, they create nutrient rich soil. Chickens poop a lot. That poop is full of nitrogen which makes things grow fast. That’s why chicken poop is the ideal fertalizer for many types of vegetables and plants. 

Making your own fertaizer might not sound that exciting, but it means you save money, don’t have to make that trip out to get any, and you can now grow more stuff in your backyard.

Thirdly, chickens are very curious animals. They generally will happily spend the day pecking around looking for bugs and lying in the sun. They tend to group together and seem to be very peaceful creatures. It can be therapeutic to just watch them graze around the yard. They are a gentle reminder to be present at the moment and just enjoy it.

Are Chickens Expensive?

There are not many ongoing expenses with chickens.

The Chickens themselves can cost a little bit of money but in general are not very expensive. 

It is good to provide them with some sort of enclosure or chicken coop where they can stay at night. Again this doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact you can make one yourself. Just get an old set of drawers and some straw. The chickens will happily nest in one of the draws. Check out youtube or Pinterest for some inspiration. 

It’s good to have some chicken feed. To save money buy in bulk. You will save a lot when you purchase a large amount. If you run out, don’t worry. Chickens love eating vegetable scraps and discarded fruit and meat. Just make sure you get them some feed so they have the option of extra food if needed.

Finally the only other thing they need is fresh water. Keep it handy for them each day. 

Make a Small Business Out of Chickens

If you eat a lot of eggs, then you will save a lot of money every month by having chickens that lay well.

Once you get the hang of looking after a few chickens, you may want to try getting some more. Fresh eggs everyday will sell well amongst your neighbours and can turn into a profitable business. Just make sure you have the correct council permit to have a lot of chickens. Council rules and regulations will vary depending on where you live.

3. Plant a Community Garden

Community gardens are becoming a popular way to bring people together in a community. Planting a garden in your front yard could create a space for your neighbours to gather and enjoy delicious fruit or a harvest of vegetables. 

What Exactly is a Community Garden?

As the name suggests, it is a garden that has been designed for people to gather and work on it. What is good about a garden in these times is that people can still keep a safe distance while they work on it.

Working on a garden together in a non commercial way helps people connect and meet with one another. It also promotes healthy, non strenuous activity which is good for the mental and physical health of the community.

You can use inexpensive materials to build your garden. You can use wine barrels, pallets or railway sleepers to create the walls of your garden bed. Then source some good quality soil and seedlings. Just make sure you plant the correct 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this Bluesandbullets article has stirred up some ideas in you about how your home can be unique. When you have some personalized aspects in your home, you can find yourself enjoying your time more at home with those who are most important in your life. 

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