Why Choose Corporate Housing In 2021? The Ultimate Guide

When a company relocates from one area of the country to another or does business in multiple cities and has employees with extended stay work, the need for hotels can cause payroll to look at expenses and consider the best investment for housing accommodations.

It’s necessary to be as efficient as possible for employees to have move-in ready locations so that the transition isn’t an inconvenience and the focus can be accomplishing the company’s employment objectives i.e. the job, rather than spending excessive amounts on hotels and/or undue time on establishing furnishings in alternate environments. In short, corporate housing provides the highest quality fully furnished housing for short-term or temporary living accommodations.

The owner of St. Louis Corporate Housings says it like this, “Corporate housing in St. Louis is move-in ready, fully furnished suites for executives, corporate VIPs, government workers, and individuals needing temporary housing during a relocation in St. Louis, MO. But we also serve folks who are in transition, maybe going through a divorce or flood clean up at their own home.” Regardless of your metropolitan area, if you’re looking for a temporary stay living arrangement, you’ll be happy to know that there are many corporate housing options to consider.

These are often called “short-term”  because they’re not full-year agreements, lasting anywhere from 3 to 6 months or more. Whereas a hotel is a common short-term lodging option for stays of a few days, the price tag can get quite costly when you extend your stay for over a week. This is where corporate housing shines, by offering amenities you’d expect at a hotel (or in your own home), without the hefty cost. Business owners and company directors often look at corporate housing as an effective way to provide fully furnished housing at a fraction of the price of the ongoing daily rate of hotels.

Another short-term choice, also considered corporate housing, is a fully furnished corporate apartment, also known as, a temporary housing unit. This type of short-term accommodation is typically furnished with appliances but may vary in individual amenities, some opting for shared options like a washer and dryer. As an example, the website for corporate housing in Kansas City offers “one, two, and three-bedroom floor plans with furniture and utilities that are fully paid for.

” As a result, this type of housing is also considered more affordable, as well as being able to serve multiple employees when there are multi-units. Corporate apartments are short-term accommodations that are also completely furnished, and depending on your needs, these short-term facilities can still be as large as two, three, or four bedrooms.

Whether corporate housing or corporate apartments are desired, amenities often include laundry facilities and security features. If your family is looking for a long-term stay in cities like Kansas City or St. Louis, corporate housing accommodations are often the best options and most cost-effective as well, providing the highest level of comfort, security, and convenience in a crowded metropolitan area.

Another benefit of corporate housing is oft-included short-term self-storage. Larger living spaces offer customers the ability to store their personal belongings with more space and accessibility. Corporate apartments may have some limitations here, like shared storage, but in general, corporate housing affords clientele furnished living alongside furnished storage because of the additional rooms.

This can be especially effective for multi-client living arrangements where more than one employee will be staying in the same corporate housing environment. If self-storage is not necessary, corporate apartments may be a more apt fit because the furnished space is solely for living without excess or undue square footage needed for extras.

Because short-term accommodations offer many options, many companies are interested in dealing with an established corporate housing provider with multiple options for their short-term housing. In some cases, short-term housing is a part of a company’s budget for a particular city, where employees will be revolving for a set of years due to a long-term project in the metro area. Such long-term leases for temporary housing can seem contradictory but are actually quite normal and still the lesser expense when considering hotels, navigating airbnbs, and slashing the cost of property purchases.

Long-term agreements can be an excellent opportunity for companies to rent a property with all the savings agreed upon in advance. Of course, in some cases, a company or individual involved with an ongoing short-term lease can also negotiate with the corporate housing provider for future ownership, in a lease-to-own agreement.

Some companies utilize this option for building projects and extended term scenarios where key employees will be needed indefinitely between cities for as much as a decade. In these cases, the residential lease with an option to purchase gives the tenant the right to purchase the property according to a previous structure agreement. These agreements differ from state to state.

When it comes to choosing the type of corporate housing that meets your needs, the factors to consider include the types of corporate housing available, the locations available, the cost of the short-term residence, your budget, your length of stay, the number of tenants that your company will have, and the overall reputation of the property and corporate housing company.

You should also consider the proximity of your corporate housing in relationship to essential aspects of your life, like a job, eating, recreation, and leisure. Many tenants are also asking more specific questions regarding the cleaning and upkeep of corporate housing in regards to COVID 19 protocols.


Rest assured in any city of the USA, there are many locations that are perfect for your short-term residence. Each city has its own center of commerce and population base, meaning that individuals and companies can find a spot that is ideal for them. And though standards and pricing of corporate housing may vary from city to city, a fully furnished living arrangement is implicit, making corporate housing an excellent option for extended stay living. 

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