8 Ways To Increase Traffic To Youtube Videos Fast [2021 Guide]

8 ways to increase traffic to youtube

YouTube provides an outstanding platform to advertise the company for 2 billion individual users who watch 1 billion hours of content per day. Add that to the marketing video’s compelling nature and have a winning combination. Video marketing helped marketers increase Youtube videos subscribers fast, generate sales, and reduce support calls.

According to the blues and bullets team, There’s no question that using YouTube will help you accomplish all these goals and more. Here are the top 8 ways to increase traffic to Youtube videos fast in 2021.

1. Brand your YouTube channel

If you haven’t already, make sure you create a Google Brand Account. When creating a Brand Account, you can allow your team members to manage your channel on YouTube; something you can’t do on a personal account.

Ideally, choose a channel name that is similar or coherent with your business name, so it’s easy to recognize. And don’t neglect uploading channel art that matches your brand’s visual identity.

2. Understand The Target Market                    

YouTube marketing is mainly about producing content to reach a target audience. So you ought to know what the crowd wants.

What kind of information do they want?

When are they the most active?

Where is your target most likely based?

How often are new videos expected from you?

All this and more will help you create a successful YouTube marketing campaign.

We spoke with Alain Francoeur who specializes in YouTube marketing strategies on some key steps to implement in your YouTube marketing and how to get the most out of the social network.

The YouTube Analytics tab offers useful insights into the user profiles and viewing time. This will help you define which parts of the world your videos touch, where people watch your videos, how old your audiences are and what demographic you often touch. Use that insight to prepare your YouTube content strategy.

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You might even take a YouTube poll telling your fans what they’d like to see from you. It’s a smart way to use the audience’s content feedback. Furthermore, your video feedback will also help you understand your audience and better support your YouTube marketing campaign.

3. Learn From The Very Best

Although knowing your audience may give you an idea of what content to make, it won’t automatically help you get ahead. You should look at the peers particularly and learn from their YouTube content tactics.

What’s perfect, and how do you reproduce that?

What errors do they make, and how do you try to capitalize?

Search your competitors’ channels and see their most famous clips. Seek to understand what resonates with the viewer and their feedback about those posts.

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You could go through all the comments in order and seeing what people are saying. Think about the content you find interesting and helpful.

Would you watch your competitor’s videos and find valuable content?

Use this to notify your YouTube marketing plan. Additionally, go through the video descriptions of your competitors to identify their keywords. If you find anything relevant to your channel, use it for your YouTube SEO.

4. Focus On Your SEO On Youtube

While YouTube marketing mostly involves creating good content, optimizing your videos for visibility is equally important. It doesn’t matter how entertaining your videos are, if people can’t even find them in the search results. That’s exactly why you need to invest your effort and time in YouTube SEO.

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At the very least, your YouTube marketing campaigns should include the basic principles of YouTube SEO.

5. Optimizing Your Titles And Descriptions With Your Keywords

The YouTube search engine operates just like the Google search engine. It prioritizes high-quality information related to the search word. And one way to assess the importance of content in a search is by the words and phrases of the video title and description.

For example, see how the top search result for “juggling football” is a video titled “soccer/football juggling tutorial.” It specifies that the tutorial is specifically about soccer juggling and not overall juggling, making it relevant to the search. A brief look at the description also shows they used multiple keyword variations.

Use your earlier competitor research and conduct keyword research to find out which search terms your target audience uses. Then use these terms seamlessly in your titles and descriptions for a greater chance in the right search results.

6. Eye-Catching Thumbnail Images

It’s not enough that your videos appear in relevant searches; you also need people to click on them to further determine the relevance of your content. This is where the thumbnails of your video enter the equation. Your title may show what your video is all about, but your thumbnails offer a glimpse of your video quality.

So make sure you have custom thumbnails that immediately catch the eye and make viewers watch your videos. Select an appealing image as the thumbnail from your video, then add graphics, text overlays and filters to make the image pop.

7. Cross-Promoting Videos

Since the number of video views plays a role in YouTube SEO, you ought to have viewers watch as many of your videos as possible. So try the cross-promotion of relevant videos by displaying the end-screen recommendations at the end of your videos. Here’s an example of Great Big Story recommending related videos in their playlist series Around the World. Make sure the suggested videos lead to a linear material progression that concerns the app, like a playlist.

Also, cross-promote the videos with other social media sites to get as many views as possible. You can also find ways to embed your YouTube videos on related blog posts. Here’s the same video shared on their Twitter profile:

8. Provide A Regular Calendar Of Publications     

Consistency is essential to effective YouTube marketing. Developing and editing quality videos takes time, so you may not be able to publish a video daily. But make sure you have a schedule and follow it. 

This will give your audience an idea of when to expect your content and help you engage them more effectively. The more material you publish, the more doors you open up. This might help you gain more exposure in streams. Plus, having a proper publishing schedule makes it easier for you to plan your content and schedule videos beforehand.

In fact, you could use Sprout Social’s YouTube publishing tool’s calendar view option to better plan your video content alongside your social content. This will help envision your aggregate or single-network content schedule and consider your post frequency throughout the week or month, so you can make the necessary adjustments smoothly.

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