Is Blues and Bullets Cancelled?

Is Blues and Bullets Cancelled? Blues and Bullets was released in 2015. It is an episodic noir genre videogame that really took the world by storm when it first came out. The game was originally supposed to have 5 installments. Each episode was scheduled to release after a few months’ intervals after the previous one. Things were going pretty great when the fans were struck with the sudden cancellation of the game after episode 2.

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There is still a lot to be revealed as for the gameplay and we still have no idea when will the next episode be out.

First, let’s take a brief look at what this game is all about. After that, we’ll see what the possible reasons for the cancellation of this game are      

Blues and Bullets Episodes:

Blues and Bullets developed by a Gaming Studio in Spain, A Crowd of Monsters. The game features the alt history events from the life of Ness Eliot who has now retired from his job as ex-cop and now runs a bar named Blues and Bullets.

Trying to leave his past life behind, he has found an interesting distraction for has post-retirement life but obviously enough, it won’t last for long for him because his past life is coming to get him.

As Eliot Ness, you have to fight crime and solve murder Mysteries and defeat his Nemesis, the crime lord Al Capone.

The gameplay including the graphics and the audio/video are all quite remarkable. This game was scheduled to have to have 5 episodes. Here are the names for these episodes

Episode 1: The End of Peace (July 2015)

Episode 2:  Shaking the Hive (March 2016)

Episode 3: Mourning the Dead

Blues and Bullets – Episode 3: Mourning the Dead [in development]

Episode 4: Behind the Mask

Blues and Bullets – Episode 4: Behind the Mask [in development]

Episode 5: The New Untouchables

Blues and Bullets – Episode 5: The New Untouchables [in development]

People who have played this game know that only first 2 installments were released. Although the developers initially said that they are just on a break and the game is not cancelled yet. But now we are in 2020 and it seems safe to assume that the game has officially been cancelled.

There is still no official confirmation for that but considering the pattern that we have seen so far; we think that it is not advisable to look forward for the next episodes because they are most likely not coming back.         

Blues and Bullets Episode 2:

Blues and Bullets episode 2 is the continuation to the first installment for the game blues and bullets and it came out in March 2016. Both episode one and 2 had great reviews from professional gamers as well as gaming critiques.

The gameplay for Episode 2 offers an interesting turn of events as Eliot Ness Keeps his search active for Al Capone’s granddaughter who has been reported missing. There are answers that Eliot has to get to and he is going to do everything he can to unravel the truth.

The gameplay continues when the news of an unknown submarine comes out. The submarine came out of nowhere and seems to be connected to the kidnap of the Al Capone’s granddaughter. Eliot Now has to go on to that ship in a disguise to meet the ruthless Russian mobster named Ivankov. Eliot would have to move cautiously to make a deal with the Russian mobster so that he can come out of there alive.

The gameplay for episode 2 features the same monochromatic style as episode one, consisting of black, white and red colors. Although you might also notice some hints of crimson color along with red. You have to talk to the characters in the game by choosing from given set of choices. Depending on what you choose, the gameplay would continue. The graphics and characters anatomy are pretty much the same as it was in episode one. Still, if you want to know what happen after the events of The End of Peace, you have to play this installment for blues and bullets.  

When will Blues and Bullets Episode 3 Come out?

Bullets and Bullets episode 3 and the installments 4 and 5 are not expected to be released anymore. There is still no official news about the cancellation but the 2nd episode came in 2016 and now we are in almost mid 2020 and there is still no news about the release.

The most obvious reason for cancellation seems the lack of market success and resources. The developers just couldn’t make enough money with the first 2 episodes to keep going with the project. It only seems fair they cancelled it. Still, it is a huge bummer for the fans of this game who really enjoyed the gameplay of it. People who have invested in the game and really wanted to see how things would turn out in the span of 5 episodes are quite saddened by the news.

Also, there have been many bugs and story inconsistencies reported that might also have contributed to its low sales.

A legendary character like Eliot Ness have seen many TV, Movies and Games adaptations. Maybe someone will pick it up again and create another amazing episodic game of the same sort. Hard to say but still, it is always better to be optimistic.              

Final Words:

Blues and Bullets was a great entry in the line of Noir Episodic Adventure video games. If it weren’t for the enough resources, we would have been able to see the end of it and enjoy the gameplay a bit more. But, what can you do? Although there are many other similar options out there that you can try if you want to pass your free time.

The bottom line is, Blues and Bullets is most likely never coming back. Prominent reasons being not enough sales and some reported bugs during the gameplay. Still, if you want to learn what this game is all about, you can always go on and play the first 2 episodes that are available for Windows, XBOX One and PS4.     

Make sure to check out the first 2 episodes of Blues and Bullets for hours of limitless action and fun.