Why You Should Use A Pecan Wood For Cooking?

There are several advantages of using pecan wood for cooking. These include durability, hardness, strength, and versatility. Read on https://www.cuttingedgefirewood.com/cooking-firewood/pecan-cooking-wood-cuts/ to know more about why you should use it. Plus, they are cheap and readily available. Here’s why you should use them:

1. Hard

The hardness of pecan wood for cooking is a key factor in whether it is suitable for smoking or grilling. Pecan trees are hard and can handle a variety of climates. Ideally, pecan wood for cooking should be left unseasoned for at least a year. If you plan to use pecan wood for smoking, consider purchasing premium kiln-dried pecan wood. Kiln drying can increase the lifespan of the wood and prevent rotting and bugs from growing in the wood.

Pecan wood for smoking and cooking has a low to moderate price. It is readily available in the United States, but prices vary from vendor to vendor. The A-grade pecan is generally more expensive than the 4/4 grade, as it contains fewer defects. A cord of 4/4 pecan can range from $4.00 to $5.00 per board foot. A low-grade pecan will cost you less than a quarter of this amount.

2. Strong

Pecan is one of the most popular choices among the different types of wood used for barbecue. Its rich, sweet flavor is complemented by beef and poultry. It also burns cool, so you’ll have more time to cook your food slowly. And because it has a low amount of resin, pecan is virtually suitable for smoking meat. 

Pecan wood has many advantages over other types of wood for barbecue. Its sweet, nutty flavor will permeate the taste of your food and make it taste better than ever. It also doesn’t produce too much smoke, making you run your nose and have watery eyes. And it’s an ideal choice for a fireplace, too. So no matter where you decide to use it, you’ll surely find a perfect match for your kitchen.

3. Versatile

Pecan wood is a moderately dense hardwood native to Mexico and the Southern regions of North America. Its buttery flavor is similar to that of pecans but is not nearly as strong as oak or maple. Pecan wood is also very versatile in cooking and pairs well with many kinds of meats, poultry, and vegetables. In addition, its natural sweetness and nutty flavor make it an excellent choice for smoking vegetables, nuts, and cheeses.

The characteristics of pecan wood make it a versatile choice for grilling, stovetop cooking, and other woodworking tasks. Pecans are dense but do not have the same hardness as oak or maple, so pecan wood does not overpower dishes. Pecan wood is also good for charring bacon and barbecue pies. It also pairs well with fruit, like apples. Pecan wood also goes well with cheese, making it a great choice for pizza.

4. Cheap

Whether a novice or an experienced cook, you can reap the benefits of using pecan wood for cooking. Its versatile flavor perfectly matches vegetables, meats, and dairy products. Moreover, pecan wood requires little maintenance, and you can get it ready to use right from the box. Plus, pecan wood is an excellent way to add a touch of ambiance to backyard cookouts and events.

Pecan wood is an excellent choice for smoking because of its mild flavor, similar to hickory. While pecan wood is the densest nut wood, it also burns cleanly and lasts a long time. Pecan logs are sold in varying quantities. Depending on their size, you can purchase as little or as much as you need to cook your favorite meals. And, since pecans grow naturally in large forests, you can be sure you won’t run out!

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