When Should You Convert Word Documents to PDF?

PDF, short for portable document format, was first introduced in the early 1990s to convert word documents to PDF. At that time, sharing documents between different operating systems and computers can be problematic due to the potential format altering in files. 

It didn’t take long for PDF to become one of the most reliable document formats in existence. Fast forward to the present, it’s now being widely used across corporate settings and even for personal purposes. 

What Should You Use PDF For? 

PDFs are particularly useful for businesses in invoicing clients, keeping customer records, as well as sending memos. The primary advantage of this format is that it maintains a consistent format regardless of where it is being viewed. It means, the person viewing the document will see it the way the sender intended it to be. Below are some other scenarios wherein sending documents in a PDF format or converting files from Word to PDF will be helpful. 

When it’s essential to maintain document format

A usual problem encountered with sharing Word documents is that its formatting can be very different when viewed from one device to the next PDF to Word File Converter – brand soft tech Besides confusion, you’re not sure how it can affect the look of the document or whether it would come across as unprofessional. This just isn’t the case with PDF format, as the document will be presented exactly how you formatted it out. 

When you want to send an easy-to-share document

PDF has been widely used worldwide and for good reasons. The format is easy to view and share. Plus, it tends to compress high-quality files to a small file size that’s convenient to save and share. 

When you want to send a password-protected file

In business, there will come a time when you have to send sensitive information, whether to a client, colleague, or third-party provider. The good news? You can password-protect a convert word documents to PDF to keep important information away from prying eyes. 

When you’re creating a document with rich, non-text elements

PDF works with all major operating systems in use today and more likely with the ones that will be developed in the future. But, what’s interesting is that it also supports non-text elements including images and hyperlinks that allow you to create visually appealing layouts. 

When you want to keep a document that will stay for the long haul

As said above, convert word documents to PDF are here to stay for good. It’s designed to adapt to advancing technology. Therefore, investing in PDF software can give your company a significant return on investment. 

How to Create a PDF Document 

There are several operating systems today that feature built-in tools to convert documents to PDF. They’re convenient to use, too! For example, you can create a file using Microsoft Word and when you’re done, save it as a PDF file. 

There are also convert word documents to PDF like PDFBear that let you convert Word to PDF or basically any other file types to this secure and compact format. Besides conversion, this online service also offers tools to edit, split, merge, or compress any PDF files, even password-protect or add an e-signature on them. How can these tools benefit your business? Let’s count some of the ways! 

The Benefits of PDF Converters 

Secure Data 

Most PDF converters today offer advanced security options that allow you to password-protect your document. It limits who can access the data to those who are provided with the password, thus keeping sensitive information relatively safe. 


With the extended quarantine restrictions and work-from-home setups, many transactions today are processed online and it’s likely to continue to do so, even post-pandemic. Fortunately, you can create digital versions of your documents and e-sign them using a convert word documents to PDF. 

Several Formatting Options 

PDF is an open standard for exchanging documents and it’s largely owed to the fact that it’s supported by almost all kinds of software today. If you want to keep a file that’s readily accessible even for years to come, it’s best to keep them in this format. 

Easy Editing 

Because you can convert almost any file format to convert word documents to PDF and vice-versa, it means you can easily edit a PDF file whenever necessary. Add or replace texts, correct typos, resize a text, adjust alignment, or change fonts using a PDF editor. 

Paper-to-Digital Conversion 

In addition to all that, PDF converters also let you capture texts and save them easily as PDF files. Say goodbye to the days when you have to manually type texts to keep a digital copy of your paper documents. Just imagine the amount of time and money you can save when you invest in such tools. 


If the above points aren’t any indication, PDFs are useful when you have to keep a secure, compact document that will maintain its format regardless of where it is shared and viewed. The good news? You can get access to tools that let you easily modify a PDF file whenever necessary by using a convert word documents to PDF.

What are the benefits you enjoy most in using the PDF format and PDF converters? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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