How do I convert PDF To PDFA online? [Complete Guide]

Though it seems that time is passing slowly, we could not say the same for the advancement of our technology. Day by day, perhaps there are countless new inventions that brilliant minds around the world have crafted. We couldn’t tell if we can still view and access our file five or more years from now.

Ensuring file access even after a long time is necessary as reviewing past documents and information might prove to be a clever thing to do to move forward. All the past information may help ease data tracking and know your progress. Doing this has been proven helpful in business and many other areas.

Choose the appropriate file format for long-term storage.

Since we are talking about archiving files, one of the first things we should consider is the file format. Converting from PDF to PDFA is the most viable solution for you. In case you are unaware of what PDFA is, here’s a brief explanation for you. 

Portable document format archive, shortly PDFA, is an ISO-standardized version of PDF. Although this file format works almost the same as PDF, it is more known for its ability to preserve files for long-term archiving. That’s why we recommend that you convert your archive files to PDFA first before storing them in a safe place.

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PDFA differs from PDF in a bunch of ways. The most common difference that you can find is that PDFA prohibits font linking and PDF encryption. This file format omits all the features that may compromise file access. Keep in mind that the primary goal of PDFA is to preserve your files long-term!

How do I convert my PDF file to PDFA?

A cursory glance online will help you find many tools that can do the file conversion. However, you would want something that you can use easily, quickly, and securely. With these three as criteria, there’s no doubt that PDFBear’s PDF to PDFA Converter is the right tool for you. It is a 100% web-based service that you can access anytime! Here’s a short guide for you on converting your files with PDFBear.

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Upload your PDF files.
  3. Wait as PDFBear converts your file to PDFA.
  4. Download the newly converted file when the download link appears.

Store the PDF/A files in a safe space

Now that your files are suitable for long-term archiving, the next thing you should pay attention to is the space or storage where you’re going to put them. It’s essential to ensure that this storage won’t get easily damaged so that you can preserve the contents. You may opt for online storage or hard drives. Just make sure that you won’t forget the password or misplace the storage device.

It’s best to provide adequate layers of security. Though you would want to access your file a few years after, you must still not compromise safety to achieve it. Make sure that you manage your passwords well. Also, always keep up with the software updates so that you can prevent file loss.

Backup your files

You indeed can’t access your files in the future if they get lost or corrupted halfway. To prevent that from happening, you must always ensure to have backups of your intellectual property. This way, even if one storage directory of yours gets compromised, you can rest assured that you have another copy of the folders inside.

Another reason is, you may be a bit subjective in determining which space is considered safe. That’s why to be ready for mishaps in the future, backing up your files is necessary. Of course, you must also always sync your files to prevent mismanagement, file duplication, or file loss if you didn’t back up your latest documents.

Final Thoughts

Technology is ever-improving. Advancements in technology can be both a happy and a sad thing. We can enjoy more advanced features and more ease in handling our work on one hand. From another perspective, we could be utterly furious if we can’t open our files. Technological advancement will have different effects depending on a person’s outlook. 

You should definitely welcome these advancements in technology with a relaxed and assured look! Prevent adverse outcomes by starting to take preventive measures today for file access in the future. You can achieve long-term file preservation by converting your file to the most suitable archivable file format, which is PDFA. 

Once you have converted your file, you can now store it in secure storage and back them up! This way, you can have access to your documents even after a long time! Going back and reviewing records has always been helpful in better management of businesses and other matters. So, what are you waiting for? Try these three simple tips today!

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